Harvest Aid started in 2002

...and through the generous support of child sponsors, businesses and others we have fed many children for 13 years...


Now, due to other growing responsibilities within our wider ministry, we feel we can no longer do justice to the work of Harvest Aid that we have been involved in for more than a decade. Others are better positioned and more focused and there has also been an overlap of delivery with others working in the same area.


Systematically we have transferred the feeding of the children in the program to another reliable organization and all the children are being taken care of. We have handed over the task of feeding the 48 remaining families to Africa Food for Thought (AFFT). Harvest Aid has had a good relationship with this organization in the past and we are grateful that they have been willing to step into the gap.


Harvest Aid will support those working with vulnerable children, but will not be delivering food or running specific projects. Those who want to continue their support can do so. Funds specifically designated to feeding children will therefore still go directly to this cause. We are keeping all the current staff and those who sponsor them are encouraged to continue doing so.


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