What is the role of a Harvesters Ambassador?

Harvesters Ministries relies on the support and donations of believers committed to the Great Commission, and is able to continue the work of planting churches, training pastors and supplying Bibles through greater awareness and commitment by Christians. A Harvesters Ambassador is a committed volunteer who is vital to facilitating that in their sphere of influence. They have a number of responsibilities:
1. Pray No ministry can stand without prayer support. An Ambassador needs to have and to cultivate a personal relationship with God and to pray for the ministry. Ambassadors can also organize prayer meetings and prayer chains to pray for specific situations and projects as they arise.
2. Represent Harvesters need local representation in churches and communities. Ambassadors become our physical presence in the local church and elsewhere and are the face of the ministry to the body of Christ. They are those who know us, know about us and know what we do. They are able to speak on our behalf.
3. Advocate Ambassadors stand in our place to advance the cause of the ministry. They tell our story, share our dreams, and encourage others to become involved.
4. Participate Ambassadors can choose which projects they want to get involved in. This could mean starting a prayer group, organizing a fund raiser, going on a short term mission, speaking at a service or cell group, or launching a social media campaign. The list continues to grow of opportunities for engagement.
5. Communicate Ambassadors become our voice to their churches, communities and social spaces. They help us spread the message of what Harvesters mission is all about, sharing information regarding ministry activities, projects and needs.
6. Innovate Ambassadors are encouraged to find new ways of achieving our goals – funding the ministry, sharing the vision, enlisting skilled volunteers – and share those ideas that succeed with other Ambassadors.
7. Saturate Ambassadors help tell our story everywhere. Growing our partnerships with believers is vital to our success in the field. The more believers that know about Harvesters and support and pray for us, the more effective we can become.
8. Open Doors Ambassadors live and work in spaces that would normally not be open to us. By opening doors to people, churches, foundations, trusts, groups and social networks, the ministry’s exposure is multiplied and enhanced.
9. Facilitate Ambassadors often build bridges to communities and churches and facilitate opportunities for the ministry to connect to churches with potential partners. Connecting Harvesters to your pastor, a businessman, a cell group or an individual could make all the difference for a project in the field.
10. Generate All ministries need funding. Our ambassadors often participate in a variety of our projects or even create their own to help fund specific needs such as Bibles, training materials and other expenses.

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