Our Church Planters and the Coordinators provide hands on and practical training at the, hub churches within walking distance from a student pastors village or town. This alleviates the challenges that travel, accommodation and high expenses pose the new student pastor. They can live at home and serve their people whilst they complete studies.


The course comprises of 6 Semesters, each with 6 Phases (A-F), which are taught over a period of three years.  Each phase is designed to be practical, culturally relevant and Biblically sound. It is important to note that the material is designed in such a way that it is applicable across denominations. The trained Hub Leader acts as tutor/mentor and oversees this process, delivering hands-on mentorship and guidance.


We understand that our students are unable to afford to pay for their  studies or their material, which we provide free of charge to them. Thus, in lieu of payment, each student is required to plant a new church every year and by doing so, they are actively involved in evangelism and the church planting process as prescribed by the Harvesters Church Planting Model.


To sponsor a student pastor