It is estimated that over 500 million believers worldwide do not have their own Bible.


Churches across Africa, India, China, Asia and South America have gone without Bibles for years. Most missionary organizations, church planting movements and evangelists simply cannot provide Bibles out of their budgets and more people are coming to faith than can be catered for. People are led astray, factions abound, knowledge of God dissipates, and people cannot discover God's will in the pages of Scripture. New believers do not understand Grace, God’s Sovereignty or His love. They cannot find comfort in the Word. Many continue to live in pagan rituals and sinful immorality.


People need the Lord. People need the Word. The only possible solution to this crisis is for every believer, and every church, to make a concerted effort to get the Bible into the hands of poor fellow believers.


There are three main reasons for the lack of Bibles: Translations, Illiteracy and Poverty. It costs us an average of R100 (US$14.50) per Bible for each Bible that we place into the hands of a believer and we work with various Bible Societies to obtain the correct translations and deliver it where it is needed.


To bless a Bible to a believer