Field Reports

Written accounts from our trainers with updates on recent developments, impact and testimonies from the people whose lives are changed through their commitment to discipleship.

Training HLT's Achterbergh

A group of Hub Leader Trainers were recently trained by Herman Roodt at Achterbergh near Johannesburg.

Training in Ghana Sept 2017

Herbie Venter and Johan Fleischmann recently visited Ghana and reported from the field.

Bibles to Uganda

Every time a pastor, as pastor Richard Okello of Apac District near Lira, tells us that he does not own a Bible, and that he must borrow a Bible from someone and return it after the service....        Read more

Planting Churches in South Africa

In the beginning, most of the work done by Harvesters Ministries, had been focused on the rest of Africa. More recently (last 5 years) the ministry has gone global. However, little work was done in South Africa.

Chad Part 2

In a country dominated by Muslims, planting churches does come at a price. Through all of this they have still succeeded in planting 147 churches so far.

Chad Part 1

Known as the country with a dark heart, we find the light of God is shine within that darkness.

Our First Graduation in Asia

A major milestone is reached for Harvesters Ministries and these pastors after 3 years of training.

Mozambique Burning

With the fighting escalating, it became even more vital to reach our pastors and their new churches with promised Bibles.

Living Waters For Zimbabwe

In the Bible, we read about the 5 loaves of bread and  the 2 fish, well, I tell you in Zimbabwe it is 3 Watermelons and 6 maize cobs!  It was just amazing! HE IS OUR PROVIDER and PROTECTOR and PASSIONATE COUNSELOR!

Kisumu Story Part 2

Kisumu, Kenya. I’m getting use to Kisumu and its weather. Hot and humid - like most of the places I go to these days. I’ve heard that our 20 pastors in training will be waiting for us at 06:00 am!

Kisumu Story Part 1

I’m struggling to finish my warm coke as the Kenya Airways captain announces our short flight from Nairobi has come to an end. It was a bumpy one, and I find myself in Kisumu on the Rift Valley in Kenya in the Nyanza Province.

God Opens Doors in Angola

A 20 year dream is realised as we establish our first stream. It’s been 12 days at the Angolan Embassy, and I was nowhere close to being allowed into Angola.

Rebirth in Rwanda

"It's time time to cut down the tall trees."

With these words on 6 April 1994, a genocide of brutal ferocity and speed was inflicted upon the people of Rwanda...

Bibles Burning in Kigali

Just before he left we received a gift for Bibles for the newly planted churches there and he went in search of God's Word. The Bible Society had no stock. They claim that "a certain religious group" has been burning them in ceremonies or rituals...

Asian Bloom

As I described the testimonies of Africans who suffer for their faith the Asian hub leaders in front of me could absolutely identify with them from personal experiences. Several of them have spent time in prison for their faith...

Planting Strategy in Lagos

Nigeria's capital is a highly populous city with almost 20 million people. Church leaders gathered together to discover the best strategy for effective church planting in so densely populated and area...

New training kickstarted in India

It has been my prayer and passion for a long time to start our church planting work in India. In the past we have supplied Bibles to missionaries working there, but until now we were unable to bring our model to this vast nation of 1.37 billion people.

A different kind of Congo Fever

The Congoᅠ is a vast country with great people. Being the third largest country in Africa, with just over 52 million people it comes as somewhat as a surprise to discover that Congo is one of the richest countries in the world...

The harvest is ripe in Madagascar

We have become accustomed to hearing bad news out of Africa. Poverty, sickness, natural disaster and corruption seem to be the order of the day. In our preparation for the launch of the church planting initiative in Madagascar it was no different...

In the shadow of the mosque

As I looked through the metal lattice work, the huge mosque filled the window of the church. At the pulpit, Raymond was preaching the Gospel using the Heart of Man chart - proclaiming Jesus to be the only way to God.

Kenya: A brave soldier

His sad story unfolds like a tale told from the Bible. Harvesters International Ministries (HIM) has, like in the case of other country leaders, ensured that Michael has access to a motorcycle in order to oversee the church planting in Kenya.