The most powerful tool we all have. There are over 20 000 student pastors being trained in the field and over 30 new churches being planted every day. Your prayers for them, their congregations, the trainers, our staff and the finances to provide all the materials needed are vital.



Social Networking


Spread awareness and show support for all our people in the field. Like our Facebook pages, like and share our posts and leave encouraging messages and comments. Your participation is such an edification to everyone at Harvesters and helps generate the support needed to reach the lost.





We have a very small staff doing a very large job. If you are in a position to volunteer for any amount of time - particularly if you have experience and training in graphic and web design, filming and editing, photography, missions and teaching - please drop us an email.





There is opportunity for students to get involved on an internship basis in the Harvesters Family. We also have regular outreaches, training conferences and bible placements out in the field that you can participate in. The experience will greatly increase your revelation of the Kingdom at work.





Our discipleship and pastor training manuals are desperately needed in so many languages. Visit our website and see which parts of the world Harvesters has planted churches. If you are fluent and trained in any of the languages needed and feel led to commit, please contact us.




Every bible, all manuals and training is provided without cost to all our student pastors. That is an enormous undertaking and every cent contributed is a blessing to them and our staff. Whatever you feel led to give, however often, it is greatly appreciated.