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Harvesters Ministries oversees the global church planting and discipleship effort, coordinating with our partners and strategizing the best way to implement the distribution of Bibles, appointment of National and Hub Leaders, arranging travel and transportation of materials and trainers and establishing new projects in different countries. Below is an explanation of our church-planting model and map of planned growth of church-planting and training activities projected for the next three years. Click HERE to see how you can contribute to the global expansion of the Kingdom.


Harvesters Ministries -

Growing vision: church planting globally



What is a Hub Church?


The Hub Church centrally unifies a collection of churches - including those of trained pastors and the pastors in training - within a days walk from. A Hub has the potential to grow up to 40 churches. The goal is to saturate an area with churches, ensuring that everyone in that community has access to a church. The farthest point from the Hub church should not be more than one days travel, by foot, bicycle, donkey or any other means of transport there may be.


The Hub Church is the central church – where the Hub leader is based Churches are planted from this church. Pastoral training takes place at this church


A District is made up of a collection of Hubs in any given area – usually 10 hubs. A district leader is appointed who oversees these hubs.


A Province of a number of districts has a Provincial leader, and a National Leader oversees the full development of the hub structure in that country.


Equipping of our Hub Leaders


1. Hub Leaders are appointed by Harvesters

    International Ministries representatives


2. We provide the necessary training at no cost to the

    Hub Leader. Hub Leaders are required to prove

    their understanding and application of the training to

    be able to begin their church planting process. This

    training covers:



     º    Theory

     º    Methodology

     º    Practical application

     º    Church planting techniques

     º    Strategy and goal setting – prayerfully planning and keeping a journal. This is done with a calendar

          and map to plan outreaches, church planting dates and future progress

     º    Steadfast endurance - We teach our Hub leaders to ‘stick to their plan’ and to remain committed to the

          dates and goals that they have set. Timing – we advise our Hub Leaders to plan their church plants

          6-8 weeks apart.

     º    Mapping – drawing a map of his region of which the outer edges are one days travel from the centre.

     º    Setting Goals



3.  Every church planted becomes a church planting church.


4. The Hub leader is required to plant 10 level 1 churches.


5. We limit them to plant 10 churches within a day’s travel away from their church  They then teach student

    pastors at level 1 to plant 3 churches each The success of the Hub is not

    measured by how many churches are planted by the Hub Leader but

    rather how many churches are planted by the student pastors.


6. The Hub Leader needs to understand the value and need for planning

    ahead. He needs to plan strategically how his Hub would grow to 40

    churches. With this plan in hand, his mind, prayers and efforts are

    focused toward a goal. we encourage our Hub leaders to plan

    everything on paper and to keep a journal of how things are developing.


7. Evangelism – now that the foundations and planning is done, an outreach

    to a neighboring village is planned and executed. With their

    ‘Heart of Man Chart’ and any other tracts or materials they may have they share the Gospel door-to-door,

    in the market places, under the trees and wherever the opportunity may arise. The new churches are

    made up of born again believers and every care is taken to ensure that all new members have truly

    received Salvation and are on their journey to discipleship.


8 .The follow up process begins. The Hub leader will then disciple, encourage, teach and guide the new

    student pastors according to our methodology. Every Sunday new material, which is available in our

    training books, will be preached and taught in these new churches.


9. Hub Leaders instill an Evangelical Vision and passion into the newly planted church to prepare them to go

    and plant a church on their own.